The Countess Dowager

The Countess Dowager of Grantham sits perched in her iron chair. A stoic, yet regal woman, wise with years, rules her family with a keen eye and strong hand. Meticulously put together, this matriarch is always poised to perfection. High society has been her compass and she has reaped the benefits of her wealth and status. With graceful words and the highest standards she will no doubt leave her family a legacy worth having.  One can see the delicately sculpted features of a woman of her years.  Her salt and pepper coif flawlessly tucked under her custom crafted hat.  A velvet collar frames her face along with a shirred neckline complete with antique lace.  Antique jewelry completes her royal look.  Her time weathered hands meticulously studied and crafted show the work she has invested in her family and status over the years.  Her weathered veins are comforted by a beautiful netted lace and luxurious velvet cuffed sleeve.