The Witches of the Nights Coven

Castavetee (left)

Castavettee the scholar is the Great Spell Caster of the Coven.  Witch of the Four winds, she can reign chaos and havoc with one thump of her mighty staff!
21 INCHES (53.34 CM) TALL

Griselda (center)

Griselda is the oldest and High priestess of the Coven.  Potions are her passion and madness.  Here she is giving her potion of toad skin to cure all aliments.
16 INCHES (40.64 CM) TALL

Davtina (right)

Davtina is the easy go lucky of the coven.  While flunking out of potions and spell courses at witch school she excelled at fortune telling.  Having the keen sense to see the future, Davtina doesn’t like to give bad news to people so she makes up happy endings.
18 INCHES (45.72 CM) TALL

Paper clay, acrylic paint, wool fiber, brass wire, embroidered cotton velvet, glass beads, tigers eye stones, printed silk, alpaca fiber, printed gauze, silk fringe, smocked crepe Georgette, lace, mohair fiber, cotton, tweed, open weave wool, pleated.